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Episode 5: Targu Mures

Targu ┬áMures has been well protected by its elderman and decisionmakers against post 89 speculation and corruption. The city is well ordered and disciplined like a set in a theatre, but like every staged view, it produces also a backstage effect… This non-metabolised pieces of city, well hidden and unrecognisable by the untrained eye, have been discovered by us with the aid of the atypical crosssections. These very backstages become the places with most potential where an alternative city can be created and urban vitality generated.


Episode 4: Reghin

Reghin is a city composed by historical and spatial layers: from the upper parts of the hill where the german bourgeois communities lived, through the middle part – heavily attacked by decay, misery and corruption, and historical site of numerous conflicts, all the way to the lower parts where the charred remains of the rusty industries and platenbaus contrast the green landscape of the valley. Paradoxically beautiful and ugly, prince and beggar, this city accumulates dynamism and transforms itself through grassroots strategies in the lower part where cooling shafts of the Old Steel Mill are shaped into luxury appartments by Spanish investors, while the upper part is being restored to their splendor by the ancient owners. The middle part, the no man’s land, is currently “for sale”…

Episode 3: Cluj

The city of Cluj is what we call (from the atmospheric point of view) a “circus”. Numerous forms and languages, budgets and styles, are mixed in a vibrant environment that accomodates changes easily. We tried to explore crosssections of this city in order to understand which of this processes are metabolized by the urban environment and which are still under gestation. Our methodology grew together with the field experience leading to a more concrete application of the section concept.┬áThe way in which we percieved and represented the city, through diagrams and visual materials, takes the form of a “moving sequence” of different urban millieus composing the general palimpsest of the city.

Episode 1: Research VISION